To buy our bags and belts you need to email us or phone on 07771949664 or 01326231322. You can pay by card over the phone, bank transfer or cheque.

Browse our beautiful leather bags. Find out more about them and how they are made.

baby round shoulder bag

Picture of baby round shoulder bag
h15 w15 d4cms Unlined bag with flat front pocket and swivel catch


Baby Square Bag

Picture of Baby Square Bag
h 16 w 18 d 5cms Unlined bag with adjustable strap.


Bucket Bag Large

Picture of Bucket Bag Large
h 28 w base 28 top 35cm zip top, leather lined internal zip pocket


Bucket Bag Small

Picture of Bucket Bag Small
h 20, w base 22 top 28cms leather lined, zip top, internal zip pocket


Chunky Bag Small

Picture of Chunky Bag Small
h 18 w 15 d 4cms leather lined with internal zip pocket


Clutch bag

Picture of Clutch bag
h16 w25 d5 cms leather lined, internal zip pocket, gusseted front pocket and swivel catch


Despatch Bag

Picture of Despatch Bag
h 28 w 27 d 6 cms leather lined with interior zip pocket, front pocket, external zip pocket on rear.


Document Bag

Picture of Document Bag
h28 w38 d7 cms leather lined, internal zip pocket and partition


Graham Bag

Picture of Graham Bag
h30 w23 d11 cms leather lined, internal zip pocket



Picture of Katy
h20 w20 d9 cms double gusset, leather lined, internal zip pocket


Nicola Bag

Picture of Nicola Bag
h 22 w 27 d9cms leather lined, triple gusset, internal and external zip pockets.


Ron Bag

Picture of Ron Bag
h 23 w 27 d 8cms leather lined with exterior and interior zip pockets


Rucksack Large

Picture of Rucksack Large
h30 w26 d10cms leather lined, external and internal zip pockets


Rucksack Small

Picture of Rucksack Small
h30 w21 d10 cms leather lined, interior and exterior zip pockets


Rucksack Small Zip Top

Picture of Rucksack Small Zip Top
h29 w20 top w25 base d7 cms leather lined, external pockets front and back, internal zip pocket


Saddle bag

Picture of Saddle bag
h 28 w 25 d 7cms leather lined, double gusset, internal zip pocket


Satchel Bag A4 size

Picture of Satchel Bag A4 size
h 28 w 36 d 7cms leather lined, interior zip pocket, gusseted front pocket with buckles or swivel catches.


Satchel Bags Lap Top Size

Picture of Satchel Bags Lap Top Size
h27 w44 d11 cms leather lined, double gusset internal zipped pocket, gusseted front pocket.


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