Welcome to Momad

Great news! Dark chocolate and navy leathers have arrived.  Due to frequent customer requests we asked our supplying tannery to make a supple, sensuous chocolate brown (feeling is believing) and a beautiful navy to add to our luxury leather collection.

The fair-trade company that brings you bags of sunshine from Madagascar, leathers from Southern Europe and stylish fun at affordable prices.

Our reed and raffia bags and baskets are sustainably produced by small artisan enterprises using materials grown in the Madagascan hills around Antananarivo. They capture the vibrant colours and creativity of Africa and are great for the beach, shopping and storage.

Mo’s belts started out as a sideline but have proven popular with our customers who say it is very difficult to find proper leather belts these days. He sources high quality cowhides and solid cast buckles to produce belts that will last for many years, and can be made to fit any size waist. This year he has started to make leather bags from his own and customer designs.

We are a small business selling a wide range of items directly to the public in Cornwall through craft fairs, harbour markets and festivals. If you like our things and want to see more we would love to see you when you are next in our beautiful part of the world. 

Handmade leather belts in various colours


Proud members of the Made In Cornwall origin scheme
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